What is a HR Human Resources Audit?

We've designed an exclusive and comprehensive HR Audit  Tool.  This tool enables businesses from start-ups, to those with up to 1000 employees to gain an overview of their HR & People Management Strategy and Practices.

The audit tool assesses against World Class Best Practice for HR & People Management. 

This tool is designed to give you an overview of where your business is compliant and in keeping with best practice, as well as developing key HR strategies that will enable your business to grow and scale.

The tool covers:

  • Key HR Strategic Initiatives
  • Key HR Policies
  • Key HR Procedures
  • Key Training

The purpose of an HR Audit is to enable you to understand areas of strength  and identify any areas for improvement in your business.

A properly executed and analysed Audit will reveal problem areas and enable recommendations for remedies and Action Planning.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring the effective people management strategies and frameworks to help your business grow and prosper
  • Ensure effective compliance.  With fines costing up to $630,000 for one breach for Corporations, one small mistake can be deadly for a business
  • Instills a sense of confidence in management and the business
  • Enables high levels of employee engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Creates an amazing talent magnet Employer Brand
  • Create equality, fairness and best practice
  • Establishes a baseline for future improvement 

Because of the multitude of laws affecting each stage of the employment process, it is extremely important for an employer to regularly conduct an HR analysis of their policies and practices. This helps to identify regulatory compliance issues if they exist and avoids potentially costly fines and/or lawsuits, if otherwise ignored. 

As an example, to replace just one employee, it is estimated to cost between 50 – 150% of the lost employee’s salary in time and money spent to replace that employee.

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