Team Building and Cohesion Workshops

Interested in team building that maximises cohesion, performance and engagement?

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New teams go through a natural process to start performing. This can take time but it is crucial. If your team is dysfunctional due to conflict, ambiguity, or misunderstanding, the success of your business can be compromised.

Our programs are tailored to address your team building real needs.  That means we address the team’s real issues, creates deep team cohesion, higher performance and engagement.  Our programs are educational, deep yet fun and enjoyable.

We have had great success with existing teams as well as new teams and project teams. We help managers and organisations to build great teams.  We take the time to understand where your team is today and what your vision and goals are for your team(s).

We facilitate workshops to:

  • deal with team dysfuntion
  • deal with conflict and ambiguity
  • facilitate the team to robustly discuss real issues and find solutions to overcoming them
  • ensure effective team problem solving – workshops to develop clear goals and strategies and/or manage key business issues (e.g. expanding internationally, inter-functional issues etc..)
  • build cohesive teams and develop team goals for new teams or less established teams, and
  • build strong team trust and cohesion through self and team awareness.

We use DiSC behavioural profiling, MBTI (Myers Briggs), 5 Team Dysfunctions Profiling & Belbin Team Role Profiling to accentuate your workshops.

As part of our workshops we can design fun team activities (e.g. drumming, team quizzes or Amazing Race type events).

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