WOW Factor Sales Excellence Program

Our Sales Training program enhances service and sales capability and goes beyond excellence in customer service to creating wow factor customer experiences.

These days every employee is a sales representative of their company, through their social media and interactions with family, friends and general public.  What staff say about your business is critical to your reputation and customer engagement and hence your sales.  We believe sales is important for every role in a business, not just sales people.

More often than not today, service representatives and technicians are expected to effectively cross-sell and up-sell. These skills are not a natural instinct for many roles.

Effective selling should be a fundamental part of your customer service proposition and from a customer solution point of view, is highly powerful for both individuals and organisations.

Our Sales Training is about developing sales skills reflecting the critical need for all employee’s to have selling ability. These workshops and programs are tailored to your particular sales environment and products/services and are designed to enhance sales effectiveness of your people.  Action learning exercises and role plays are designed specifically around your business.

As part of our mission, we want to inspire all businesses to create phenomenal WOW moments for all customers as business as usual.  We are deeply passionate about creating wow factor customer experiences and training people to be as passionate as we are!

We believe a key part of any of these programs is having fun and real life practice experiences.

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