Leadership Development

  • Are you looking to develop leadership skills that are people centric & truly inspire?
  • Looking to ensure your leaders to develop their emotional intelligence, engage their teams and perform at their best?
  • Need to build your competitive advantage?

We can help!

One of our many passions is Leadership Development. Our experience and research demonstrates that strong and effective leadership is the cornerstone of high employee engagement levels and strong business performance. We offer a number of solutions for business and when combined are exceptionally powerful!

Our HR & Leadership experts are passionate about developing mindful, engaging and inspirational leaders to lead teams into the future and create competitive advantage whilst ensuring high levels of employee engagement and motivation.

We blend cutting edge HR & Leadership tools, with neuroscience, eastern philosophy and organisational behaviour.

In our Powerful Leadership Series, The HR Experts International offers the following programs:

  • Inspirational & Mindfulness Leadership Development Program
  • Performance Management and Enhancement
  • Manager as Inspirational Coach
  • Develop & facilitate 360 degree Leadership Framework tailored to your business, culture and values
  • Develop a range of high quality leadership development training programs
  • One on One Leadership coaching to change behaviours, thinking and develop key competencies

We also offer Management Training.

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