Change Management & OCM

Do you own or manage a company that is about to merge, acquire, in-source or outsource?

Are you re-structuring, introducing new technology, products or services?

Do you need to develop a more supportive culture to meet your business vision and goals?

If you are, it is likely that you could face significant change issues you will need to overcome as well as a multitude of cultural, employee relations and strategic issues.

We can help you provide you with a comprehensive service, designed and delivered by qualified HR Experts with over 10 years of experience in this field.

Managers often underestimate the impact of change (and their team’s aversion to it) and fail to deploy effective change management. This often results in the original objectives not being realised.  Numerous research studies have shown that around 80% of change fails to deliver the expected results, mainly due to ineffective change management frameworks.

Effective change management is critical in gaining buy-in and alignment from your employees and other key stakeholders, moving the whole organisation through the change curve, moving as quickly as possible to minimise disruption and risk, and create positivity about the change and the future.

The HR Experts International uses a structured, proven approach to change management that is designed to:

  • Work with leadership to define the change requirements and maps
  • Stakeholder analysis and strategy
  • Identify gap analysis – current vs future state
  • Work with leadership to develop a comprehensive change program
  • Oversee and/or project manage the culture change program
  • Training leaders to be inspirational change leaders
  • Create positive engagement
  • Create new and empowering behaviours, and
  • Minimise the impact of change on the business (with particular attention to minimising disruption and risk).

Work with us and we’ll ensure that you are in the top 20% of organisations that successfully manage change!

We can provide a comprehensive solution that you’ve been looking for!

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