unfair dismissal

When dismissal goes wrong – sacked over the phone

When dismissal goes wrong Many businesses fall foul of Australia’s Unfair Dismissal Laws.  More small-medium enterprise businesses than larger.  It is critical for business to engage a HR expert early in the process and follow the guidance of HR to ensure this type of situation does not occur.  Some simple steps here, would have avoided this whole mess. In a recent case, a cleaning contractor Joss Facility Management was found to have unfairly dismissed Veronica Bennett, a 56-year-old female employee. In August 2016, Veronica commenced unpaid sick leave for an operation. During her recovery period she provided ongoing medical certificates […]


BREAKING NEWS – Changes coming to Employer Superannuation Contribution Payments!

BREAKING NEWS – CHANGES TO EMPLOYER OBLIGATIONS FOR SUPERANNUATION PAYMENTS AFOOT! The Federal Government has announced it will seek to legislate a key recommendation of the Superannuation Guarantee Cross Agency Working Group. The legislation is set to close a loophole where “unscrupulous” employers to short change employees choosing to make salary sacrifice superannuation contributions into their super accounts. Currently, employers can legally withhold their workers’ salary sacrifice superannuation contributions for up to four months, before transferring the money into their employee’s superannuation account. Allegedly, some employers have reportedly been using the above loophole to reduce their compulsory 9.5% superannuation guarantee […]


Are you up with the 1 July changes in Wage Entitlements?

As you may have noticed in the news in the last few months a few changes have occurred in the Wages Legislation.  Here is an overview of those things taking effect on 1 July 2017. Minimum Wage Update If your business employs staff covered by a modern award and are paying at or near the minimum wage you will need to ensure you have reviewed their wages in line with the changes in minimum wages. From 1 July 2017, the minimum wage in all modern awards will increase by 3.3%. Therefore, Employers need to increase wages to the Minimum pay […]


The growing ‘gig’ economy & Interim work

Over the last few years, the so called ‘gig’ economy has grown.  This is also true of Executive roles.  In this blog, we discuss the results of Watermark’s Interim Survey 2017. The survey reflects the view that the workforce will become more flexible, less about ‘jobs’ for highly skilled knowledge workers and leaders and more about Portfolio Careers. Of 500 respondents, nearly 30% have made a conscious choice for this mode of working. The survey respondents are predominately men, which may reflect the nature of the roles of respondents.  A very high percentage of  respondents were GM& C-Suite within General […]

employee engagement

What employees want.. has it changed much?

Engagement of employees is still an issue it seems in Australia.  Recent Australian research by Reward Gateway (HRD) confirms what has long been known by evidence-based HR for quite some time about what employees want.  Forget fancy, generic rewards, what we really want hasn’t changed much. Unfortunately, for many businesses they are struggling just to get the basics right. The results: 79% of respondents prefer a continual thank you for a job well done than annual reviews or recognition events 70% of respondents said that they rather work for a business with a culture where they receive recognition than higher pay […]


Forbes predicted trends for Workplaces in 2017

We comment on the Forbes article about 2017 workplace trends.  Our comments in italics. Trend 1. Companies focus on improving their candidate and employee experiences. We absolutely support this and have been championing this for over 15 years.  This is our key focus with our clients.  Your employee experience is critical.  A great employee experience = higher calibre candidates.  A great candidate experience = great employer brand in market. So many companies and recruiters on behalf of companies manage this exceptionally poorly. You only have to ask any job seeker to find out the current state of the candidate experience.  […]


The rising shift to Activity Based Working (ABW)

In recent years’ there’s been a lot of talk and movement towards activity based working (ABW). What has caused ABW to become the next bandwagon? We have become a knowledge-based workforce, where the type of work we do rapidly changes. Technology does a wide range of routine or mundane tasks, freeing up workers for value-add, idea generation, and problem-solving type activities. Technology developments are enabling quantum change in very short periods of time. Much of ABW has been facilitated due to the proliferation of cool cloud tools and start-up disruption tools like Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, Slack and Trello to […]


New 457 Visa rules- More headaches for employers

  In a step that is sounding a bit Trumpish, Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull announced yesterday that the Government will replace the skilled 457 visa with two new visa categories to give Australians top priority for jobs. Turnbull made the announcement on Facebook, saying he would “put jobs first” and “Australians first”. The current four-year 457 visa for skilled migrants is to be replaced with: New 457 Visa rules- More headaches for high tech compa 2 year visa (no possibility of permanent residency) an a new 4 year temporary visa with added requirements, including work experience (which it does now) […]



The Roy Morgan case highlights the many pitfalls of not managing within strong people management practice principles when it comes to restructures and redundancy.  We discuss this case and the learnings, to ensure our readers don’t fall foul of the law (especially start-ups or SME’s). We are often asked to assist businesses of all sizes to help plan and manage restructures. We regularly come across managers/executives and even HR consultants for that matter, who don’t truly understand their obligations under law. Whilst we are all for expedition of situations, we would not recommend doing so at the cost of solid […]


Have you got a toxic employee or two?

A while back I was asked by a reporter at BRW Magazine how Small Business Owners could prevent employing toxic employees. Of recent times, a few small business owners I have coached, have also inadvertently managed to recruit some toxic employees. Toxic employees costs small businesses literally thousands of dollars and not to mention the additional stress for the manager/owner.  In some cases, the business does not survive the damage! The actual and hidden costs of a real toxic employee can be crippling, especially to a small business. It is not uncommon for a toxic employee to cost a business […]