Small Business Owner Slammed $75,000 in penalties for under-paying a worker

Like many small businesses, this business owner has fallen foul of the law and cost them big time in penalties.  So far he has incurred nearly $100k in fines!  Keeping a small business afloat, especially when you have employees can be tough.  Here, is an example of how tough, we you knowingly or unknowingly breach the law! Mr Jia Ning Wang, a restaurant owner and operator (Fire and Stone Restaurant on Moreton Island) was previously penalised last year for a total of $21,000 for paying a young Chinese backpacker just $10 an hour. The most recent incident involves an American student who performed 69.75 hours of waitressing work at Wang’s restaurant over fortnight in December 2014. The 21-year-old refused to agree […]

10 common reasons for team dysfunction

Have you ever been part of a team that just can’t get things done, not gelling or are continually bickering? If so, you are not alone! This scenario is actually more common than people think.  We’ve worked with hundreds of teams, many in crisis, many with dysfunction from front-line teams to Executive teams! Here is what we find are the 10 most common elements contributing to a dysfunctional team. Leadership In almost all cases, dysfunctional teams lack a strong leader. Most teams require a strong leader, who is emotionally intelligent, competent and cares about the team and its results.  The Team Leaders’ role is to ensure coherence, cohesiveness and equity within the team, to facilitate creation of compelling team’s objectives, […]


ICELAND CLAIMS TO BE FIRST COUNTRY TO END EQUALITY PAY GAP BY 2022! If you read the above headline and wondered how, join the club! Iceland has recently yesterday, itself to be the first country in the world to require public and private organisations to pay all employees equally “regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or nationality”.  The Icelandic government said it will introduce an Equal Pay Standard requiring all employers with more than 25 staff to ensure they give equal pay for work of equal value. It is expected to be implemented by 2020. That will then leave them only 2 years to achieve their BHAG goal of eliminating the gender pay gap by 2022 (which is 14%). Even with […]