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Welcome to The HR Experts International (formerly The Business Agency)

We are one of Australia’s leading Human Resources Consulting & Advisory Service, Coaching & Training Service Providers. We work with individuals and business to deliver high performance, people and business outcomes.

We specialise in delivering leading edge, cost effective and pragmatic Human Resource, Coaching and Training solutions. We ensure our clients gain clarity and insight into their problems and achieve real results. We offer a range of Human Resource solutions to meet your business needs! Whether it’s a Human Resources expert on-call, on-site support, strategic or operational HR support, Organisational Development, Organisational Change Management,we have the right HR consultant, interim or short-term contractor.

Our services are tailored to your particular needs. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of your needs, highly pragmatic and cost effective pricing! We help you achieve your objectives, with customer and commercially focused solutions, cutting edge, pragmatic know-how and proven results.

Unlike other HR Consulting firms, we operate easily at both a strategic level and operational level. We understand the fine balancing act required between business and employee needs. And we’re prepared to have the tough business conversations to enable delivery of pragmatic solutions and real business results.

Our aim is to inspire, empower and build employee engagement at all levels to achieve strong business results. Above all, we don’t talk in wishy-washy HR speak, we commercially focused, pragmatic business people.

A strong People Management strategy results in a strong high performance and positive culture. This means:

  • Attracting more high quality candidates
  • Higher employee engagement and retention of talent
  • Higher customer satisfaction, performance and productivity levels
  • Higher revenue and profit, and
  • Lower costs, risks, labour turnover and greater cohesiveness following restructures, mergers and acquisitions.

This equates to an increased bottom line!

Our Services

We offer a range of services to meet your specific business and people needs. Our Solution Suite includes:

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Vanessa Giannos