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If you are looking for ways to strengthen your business from the core, whilst also expanding the skill set of your employees, then our consulting services are for you. At HR Experts International, we are one of Australia’s leading HR, Coaching & Training Service Providers and HR Consulting Firms. We have worked with a range of individuals and business to deliver high performance, people and business outcomes. With our full list of coaching, professional development and HR advisory services, we have provided companies with the fundamental skills and tools that help them expand and reach new heights. We believe in growing businesses by growing people.

At HR Experts International, we specialise in delivering leading edge, cost effective and pragmatic Human Resource (HR), Coaching and Training solutions. We ensure our clients gain clarity and insight into their problems and achieve real results.

Our HR Consulting services

We have a range of services which are tailored to your particular needs. Our team of highly experienced experts will work in collaboration with you to develop a deep understanding of your needs and we won’t charge you expensive consulting prices! We help you achieve your objectives, with customer and commercially focused solutions, cutting edge, pragmatic know-how and proven results. Through our HR advisory services and training programs, we are able to see a new generation of leaders developing the skills they need and creating the competitive difference for businesses Sydney wide.

  • Human Resources (on-site, at-call, interim HR consultants)
  • HR-on-Call (HR when you need it)
  • Organisational Development
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Executive & Business Owner Coaching
  • Leadership/Management Coaching  
  • Life Success, Wellness  & Career Coaching
  • Professional Learning, Training & Development Services
  • Professional Expert facilitation Services

Through these comprehensive and pragmatic services, we enable you to achieve the right approach to HR management that you require for your business to thrive and grow in. We strive to provide a strong base that will promote employee engagement, great culture, stability and comradery amongst employees and management.

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We provide a free, no obligation initial consultation so that you can gather an idea of how we can help you set up for growth, or change, your company.

Our team are more than happy to discuss your company’s needs and develop a coaching, change or training program based on business values and objectives. You can get in touch by calling us on (02) 9258 1934, or by emailing enquiries through to us on

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